How we work

We know that every project is different and brings along its own challenges. We center our attention to a very project specific approach in order to provide the best possible result. Usually these high requirements can only be satisfied by application of highly developed simulation techniques which we have developed specifically for the cement industry. For more information please refer to „Tools and Methods“.

  1. Step: Assessment: Usually our clients want us to visit the plant to take up the objective and gather the required information ourselves. We will summarize the findings in a report which always includes proposals on the possible optimization options

  2. Step: Investigation: Based on the findings of Step 1 and in coordination with the client we conduct an investigation on the optimization options which will deliver a dependable feasibility statement. We are using our most elaborate tools and methods to produce a comprehensive, scientifically solid and unbiased analysis of the „as-is“-case which allows identification of the limiting bottleneck.

  3. Step: Optimization proposal : Based on our experience and the information rendered by the analysis we generate proposals for the optimization of the process. These can be slight re-designs of the equipment (low cost) and/or changes in the operation mode. Cost- efficient solutions can be found in most cases after the real limiting bottleneck has been identified.

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