Tools & Methods

We are using a wide range of simulation tools for the analysis, prediction and control of cement production processes. These tools apply CFD (computational fluid dynamics), flowsheet simulation technologies which are each loaded with our proprietary developed cement specific models. These models are unrivaled in the cement industry regarding their level of detail and complexity:

  • fully bi-directionally coupled multi-phase flow (incl. „particle in cell“)
  • Steady-state and transient computation
  • Shell-models for transport and reaction processes inside bigger size particles
  • Heat transfer through conduction, convection and radiation
  • Mineralogic model for the sintering bed in the rotary kiln
  • Calcination of meal particles
  • Comprehensive data-base for numerous types of fuels – including lumpy secondary fuels
  • Proprietary methodology and model for the computation of the pneumatic and combustion behaviour of lumpy secondary fuels

These modeling applications are complemented by artificial intelligence technologies like neural nets and data mining in order to create powerful simulations and process control systems. Please find detailed information under „What we have for you“.

Above all: we are using common sense and know-how!

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