We have developed the unique „Real-Physics-VR“-model suite specifically for the most realistic and most rigid modeling and simulation of production processes in the cement industry.

Why is that so important?
 Because there are a lot of unique challenges within the clinker and cement production processes.

  • The counter-flow process incorporates solids in various forms, shapes, sizes and size distributions. The product is particulate, the raw materials are particulate, the fuels are even lumpy particulate. This requires a model which can handle the particle behaviour correctly – or all related process properties will be computed wrongly.
  • The high particle load of the suspension flows at several positions of the clinker line dictate the flow and with it the whole process by particle-particle interaction, particle wall collision and conceivable gas displacement through particle movement.
  • There is extensive interaction between several different physical phenomena like heat transfer in gas and solids by conduction, convection and radiation, There are heat and mass transport phenomena inside bigger particles and mineralogical processes.
  • The aerodynamic and combustion behavior of lumpy secondary fuels is a multi-physical phenomenon by itself which is often determining the performance of a clinker production line by itself.

We take pride in having developed and extending the most elaborate CFD-models for the cement industry.

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