What we do

  • We strive to optimize your process for the production of cement, your clinker burning and your grinding processes.
  • We believe that these processes are driven by physics, chemistry and mineralogy rather than by equipment suppliers product line preferences.
  • We believe that there is ample room for improvement even without necessarily changing large parts of equipment – you just have to find out what is really limiting the performance.

Are you a cement guy yourself? Are you working on optimization yourself? How can we help you to achieve better results?

  • We team up with you and bring our decades of experience, gathered in hundreds of cement plants and hundreds of projects into your project.
  • Our methods and tools generate information which you wouldn‘t have access to without them.
  • We make your process visible and evaluatable.
  • We make proposals for most cost-efficient improvements.
  • We help you controlling your process better permanently.
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