Why you should work with us

If you are working on:

  • Alternative fuel burning
  • Emissions reduction (NOx, SOx, CO...)
  • Plant de-bottlenecking

  • Plant performance increase

we are your competent partner. We build our expertise on 25 years of solid experience in the cement industry. We combine this experience with unique tools and methods which allow analysis and optimization of the production process in a way that was impossible before.

We make accessable what was hidden and left for individual interpretation. We let you step into your running production equipment with our aixergee „Real Physics“ virtual reality. We let you see how your alternative fuel particles flow and how they burn. We can count and evaluate all meal and fuel particles. We can show you where the NOx-strands run and where CO is generated as a result of incomplete combustion.

And the best thing: we can make solid and realistic improvement modifications – based not on individual interpretation but on real physics computation and objectified analysis. And then we can prove that solution too.

We are proud to have served most of the major international cement producers as well as many regional businesses in more than 300 projects worldwide.

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