„Everything flows!“

Actually the majority of the processes for the manufacture of cement are driven by the flow processes within them. Be it the movement of raw material in chutes and silo discharges, the gas flow in the calciner or the kiln flame, the aerated clinker layer in the cooler or the separation of finish-ground cement particles in the cement mill there are countless opportunities to increase process efficiency by improvement of flows.
However, in order to achieve meaningful results from CFD simulations in the cement industry, the special features of it’s complex production processes have to be taken into account. We have developed a lot of tried-and-tested models and applications to allow reliable computation of e.g.:

  • the combustion of lumpy (secondary) fuel
  • particle size related burn-out and calcination degrees
  • gas flows with high densities or dust loads – up to the packing limit
  • solid material flows
  • etc.

Come talk to us – you will be surprised how easy improvements can sometimes be done!